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Coaching is magic!

I often hear this expression, and while it makes me feel good about what I do, it creates a misconception about coaching process. It gives it less structure, makes it sound like a trick, a fake, if you will.

One of the things that a life coach does is helping the client to become aware of the internal contradictions. Oftentimes, becoming aware of internal contradictions is enough to start dramatic changes in one’s life! May seem like a magic, but only a professional coach can create a safe to share space and has the ability to pick up on the clues that need to be further investigated. A true coaching process leads to the client’s own realization of the internal contradictions, which is way more powerful than having a coach point them out.

The contradictions tend to guide our lives through the choices we make and manifest in many ways. We may fall in one (or more) of categories below:

1) We read, listen, learn, but do not accumulate knowledge.

2) We possess knowledge, but do not act.

3) We act, but do not notice the progress.

4) We notice the progress, but not to recognize our own success.

5) We recognize your own success, yet consider ourselves a failure.

6) We consider ourselves as failure, while being blessed with good fortunes.

7) While being blessed with good fortunes, complain about life.

Life coach will help to put in alignment all the pieces so that a client will start acting according to her or his own core values and believes. The contradictions will eventually disappear like a fog. A new-found clarity gives a client a new perspective on life. Isn’t that a magic?!