Dmitry Kondratyev, MBA, CPC, ACC


My journey that ended up in my decision to become a certified coach is over 40 years long. To save you time, I will summarize some important beliefs that I bring to coaching.

  • At this very moment you possess all the knowledge you need to achieve you goals and fulfill your dreams.
  • Things that are stopping you from attaining your goals can be removed from your path.
  • There is no substitute for a clear vision, an action plan, and hard work.
  • Self-awareness is a starting point of change

My coaching is centered on you. Together, we will discover what your values and believes are and how in alignments they are to goals you set and the actions you take. My coaching philosophy, Four Wheel Alignment For You Life provides holistic approach to any challenges you may be facing.

Please contact me with any questions or to schedule a session.

Code of Ethics
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I am trained by the International Coach Academy, and as a member of and accredited by the International Coach Federation I adhere to the ICF’s Code of Ethics.