Ashley Gork, Michigan

I accomplished an enormous feat... — Ashley Gork, Michigan

“When I started my coaching sessions with Dmitry, I had a clear objective in mind. I knew that I wanted to start a publication, but was unsure how I would get the monstrous task accomplished.

With his direct, but gentle approach, Dmitry kept me on track with my goals, knowing when to challenge me and when to let me have space to process. He consistently remained in the moment and often reminded me of my values and motivations.

Perhaps most telling was the time that he sat in on a meeting I was holding, carefully listening and taking notes so that we could digest the experience at a later date. This act of “going beyond the call of the duty” was truly indicative of Dmitry’s coaching style.

After working with my coach for 12 weeks, I accomplished an enormous feat, not only making significant strides on the publication, but also learning about the importance of work-life balance and priority setting. I benefited tremendously from his extraordinary coaching style and ability to relate.

For all these reasons, I feel so fortunate to have worked with such an incredible coach and I could not have had a better experience.”